Alas para Nerpio-Wings for Nerpio

Wings for Nerpio is a project for promote the birdwatching tourism in Nerpio. Preserve the natural resources of Nerpio, and get a new way of rural development through the ecotourism it´s the main goal.

Alas para Nerpio es un proyecto para promover el turismo de observación de aves en Nerpio. El objetivo principal del proyecto es preservar el patrimonio natural de Nerpio y conseguir una alternativa de desarrollo rural a través del ecoturismo.

26 de abril de 2011

The ringing season has started

The ringing season has started in Yetas Ornithological Station. The 7th of April we ringed for first time in the current spring, a total of 25 birds of 13 different species were ringed.

We need volunteers for the spring ringing and birds monitoring works. The volunteers can stay in Cortijo Covaroca camp site free of charge. The volunteers tasks will be the next:

· Birds ringing

· Birds counting

· Monitoring of cliff raptors breeding success

· Collection of cliff raptors nests samples

· Leading of birdwatchers groups and assistance in environment education tasks.

If you want to join us during de spring and summer 2011 send an email to

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