Alas para Nerpio-Wings for Nerpio

Wings for Nerpio is a project for promote the birdwatching tourism in Nerpio. Preserve the natural resources of Nerpio, and get a new way of rural development through the ecotourism it´s the main goal.

Alas para Nerpio es un proyecto para promover el turismo de observación de aves en Nerpio. El objetivo principal del proyecto es preservar el patrimonio natural de Nerpio y conseguir una alternativa de desarrollo rural a través del ecoturismo.

28 de julio de 2012

Fotógrafos alemanes en Nerpio-German photographers in Nerpio

Few days ago a group of German photographers were taken pictures at 
Mingarnao´s vultures hide. The hide was set up by Nerpio´s Town Hall thanks to the project Wings for Nerpio, actually it operates thanks to a local company that rent it to the photographers and ornithologist interested in get closer to one of the most impressive bird of our mountains: “the Griffon Vulture” or “Gänsegeier” in german language.
By courtesy of the German photographers Heiko Menz and Mathias Putze, we can show you the best pictures taken by them. 
We hope you enjoy the pictures!